Thursday, July 28, 2011

Working on New Ideas for a Common Theme

Recently I shot with the lovely Becca at Lake Oologah and as we were about to wrap the shoot as it was near dark, I remembered a shoot idea I had seen in a magazine and we quickly shot a few frames. The idea is to shoot a completely blacked out frame and light the subject with a very directional and hard light from about 90 degrees to the camera. In this case I used my Alienbees ABR-800 at 1/2 power to the camera right. Becca was kneeling in knee deep water and would lean down, place her arms and hair in the water and then in one sudden move come up into a artistic and elegant style pose, almost like a dance style look. I snapped the shutter while the water was streaming from her and in flight and the flash did its job and froze the motion. A little photoshop work to convert to monochrome and make sure everything was black to enforce the noir style and some sharpening on the water drops to make them stand out harder against the background.

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